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Meet Caroline O'Callaghan

A Love of design, architecture, and the subtlety of colors in nature, have all translated into the style and palette of Caroline's artwork. Painting and design have been a creative thread throughout her life. Though primarily self-taught, she has a background in studio art, focusing on painting, drawing and art history.. At House Beautiful Magazine, she was positioned on the creative end, working photo shoots and writing editorial pieces. While living in New York City she continued classes in painting, furthering her education in mixing paint colors and tones.. Later joining a Madison Avenue boutique design firm, Caroline worked on high end design projects, staying connected to the world of art and design that New York  has to offer. 


Caroline is represented by galleries in New York and Connecticut. She works with interior designers, and sells through design stores. She is currently working on corporate art with American Express, while continuing work with clients on  custom art commissions. Her art can be found on walls stretching from the Hamptons to Palm Beach and  California up to Seattle. 

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