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Meet Rosalind Shaffer

Creating art is a journey, and it can be the means to a search for balance and direction. Through the use of earthen materials,  references to memories and contemporary life are explored. At  times I have taken a quiet, reflective path as with my earlier sculpture and Raku pieces, while recently  I have felt a need to create a body of work that is more uplifting and exuberant with a more humorous commentary on the human condition. At present that seems to be the best way to cope with our conflicted and uncertain world.  All the work, however, is about the continuing discovery we experience as we travel through life. Currently, my work has a more narrative quality, leaving viewers with their personal interpretations.

Born and raised in New York, I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting from Syracuse University and was in the MFA Program for painting at Brooklyn College. Pattern design has had an important influence on my work,  in my focus on the textures and patterns that I paint in underglazes, carve or impress on many of my sculptures and vessels.

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