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Meet Joyce Grasso

During my years of teaching art I was always in awe of my students’ playful, fearless ways of art-making. I encouraged broad strokes and bright palettes that were charged with energy and a joy to behold. Now, as I resume my career as a painter, I approach the blank canvas with the same ethos. Years of making art with children has left me with an affinity for bold colors, reflective strokes, multiple layers, and varied textures.

I grew up in Maine, where the lulling sounds of crashing waves and the din of distant fog horns were part of my everyday life. This simple calm is part of my soul and I love going back to visit. With many return trips to Maine, as well as many visits to Italy, the South of France and other inspiring destinations, I have integrated the beauty of manmade and natural environments into my work. Rather than the traditional landscape, my paintings create a "feeling of place." I believe that feeling allows us to access those special memories that escape our usual awareness.

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