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Meet Britt Bair

"Color and light are the elements that inspire me most. As an artist I see how the air affects light, creating a glow that brings vibrance and energy into the moment. I take that feeling of light and try to incorporate it into my abstracts.
I have been exploring the world of Abstract Expressionism, with light as the foundation for my process. Painting large abstractions opens my mind, and helps me let go of the exactness of an image- it’s a feeling of freedom I have long sought in my work. With this approach I can experiment more with color, texture and collage while painting with bold strokes and using mark making to add something distinctive into every piece."

Her work can be seen at galleries, museums, art centers, libraries and many local venues throughout New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Florida. She is currently represented by Gallery 104 in Tribeca, NYC, Geary Gallery in Darien, CT, Avondale Arts in Watch Hill, RI, and Louisa Gould Gallery in Martha's Vineyard, MA.
She is a member of Silvermine Artist Guild, Rowayton Arts Center, New Canaan Art Center, the Darien Art Center and the Vero Beach Museum of Art. Her work may be found in private collections from California to New York and Europe.
Britt is also the co-founder of the Wilson Avenue Loft Artists, a group of 16 artists in 15 studios and a gallery space at 225 Wilson Avenue in South Norwalk, CT and past co-president of the Fairfield County ‘Plein Air’ Painters, a group of 45 artists who paint outside from May through October and show locally.

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