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Triple Nude Peach Aqua

Triple Nude Peach Aqua

Introducing the stunning Triple Nude Peach Aqua artwork, a captivating piece created with a combination of acrylic and gouache on paper. This exquisite artwork features a delicate balance of soft peach and aqua tones, blending seamlessly to create a serene and soothing visual experience. The artist's skilled use of color and texture brings a sense of depth and movement to the composition, making it a truly mesmerizing piece to behold. Whether displayed in a gallery or as a focal point in your home, this Triple Nude Peach Aqua artwork is sure to evoke a sense of tranquility and sophistication in any space. Add a touch of elegance to your art collection with this beautifully rendered and timeless piece.
  • Details

    20 x 16 inches. Acrylic + gouache on paper. Framed. 

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